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Model Overview

The resurgence of Maserati over the last decade has been typified by it’s best selling model; the GranTurismo. It replaced the Coupe in 2007 keeping the same 2-door coupe format with 4 seats. The GranTurismo was based on the Quattroporte at the time adopting both the 4.2L V8 engine and the ZF automatic transmission for the standard model. The ‘S’ version arrived for sale soon after with a more powerful 4.7L V8 engine and a semi-automatic MC Shift transmission though the automatic gearbox was still an option.

The GranTurismo Sport was later introduced in 2012 as a facelift replacing the ‘S’ version altogether while the more hardcore MC Stradale was the lightest and most powerful version which originally came with only 2 seats though a 4-seater became available in 2013. The GranTurismo has been universally praised as one of the prettiest sports cars of modern times thanks to its Pininfarina design while it continues to receive fine reviews as a GT for it’s superb balance and great handling whilst comfortably fitting 4 adults.

Maserati have always sold themselves on the passion and emotion created by their fine looking sports cars and their fabulous sounding engines and while the GranTurismo fits the bill perfectly it has also importantly managed to improve their reputation by being both durable and more reliable than Maseratis were traditionally thought of in the past.