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Model Overview

The Murcielago first arrived for sale in 2001 as Lamborghini’s flagship model replacing the Diablo before it. Named after a famous fighting bull the word Murcielago also means ‘Bat’ in Spanish which lends itself quite well to the fact the Murcielago featured in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Initially the Murcielago featured a 6.2L V12 engine though this was upgraded to a 6.5L V12 amongst a host of other changes in the 2007 model year facelift where it was renamed as the LP640.

The ‘Murci’ as it’s known by enthusiasts features a 4-wheel drive system with the option of a manual or E-gear transmission. It was the first model produced under the Audi ownership and aimed at becoming a more reliable car than it’s predecessors but losing none of the trademark Lamborghini style.

It was widely praised for its handling and amazing performance while its dramatic presence and remarkable sense of occasion truly embodies everything that a Lamborghini is about. The Murcielago remains a highly sort after car and very exclusive with only around 4,000 cars built worldwide during it’s 10 year life. There are roadster variants for both the original Murcielago and the LP640 in which the performance with the roof off is said to be as good as the coupe.

Special mentions must go to the limited edition LP670-4 SuperVeloce as the ultimate Murcielago which was track focused and delivered the most extreme performance while the even rarer 40th anniversary edition might just be the most collectable Murcielago of all.