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Model Overview

The Ferrari Roma was somewhat controversial when it was first unveiled in 2019, with the body-coloured grille and lack of convertible top as was present in its predecessor, the Portofino. Over time since its release, however, the Roma has gained the respect and appreciation it deserves from customers and journalists and earned the reputation of being one of the cleanest looking Ferraris of the 21st century.

Under the hood is the same 3.9L twin-turbo V8 engine found in the Portofino, but this time it produces an extra 20bhp along with featuring a refreshed exhaust system for a meatier and more refined sound. The gearbox in the Roma has also been refreshed, deviating from the 7-speed DCT box found in the Portofino and adopting a variant of the SF90’s 8-speed DCT box, achieving much quicker acceleration as well as better efficiency and economy for those long motorway journeys. The increased horsepower and updated gearbox mean that 0-62mph in the Roma takes just 3.4 seconds, with 0-120mph being tackled in a staggering 9.3 seconds.

The exterior design is unmistakeably Ferrari, with nods towards classic models while still boasting a fresh, modern look. Both the headlights and taillights have been refreshed, being designed to follow the curves of the car, and create an unbroken line around the entire body. Ferrari have also done away with the Portofino’s convertible hard-top roof creating a much cleaner slope from the roof to the rear of the car. The interior of the Roma has also seen a lot of updates, with a new design creating a dual cockpit which seemingly wraps around the driver, creating a heavily driver-focused cabin and easier access to the centre infotainment screen.

Overall, the Ferrari Roma is an excellent car for anyone looking for a slightly more understated Ferrari that still offers blistering performance and power but can also act as a comfortable GT car with plenty of creature comforts and elements of luxury.