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Model Overview

The Ferrari FF, contrary to popular belief, was not the first 4-seater car to leave Maranello. It acted as a spiritual successor to the 612 Scaglietti which was a 2+2 grand tourer and was first released in 2004.

The Ferrari FF is one of the most versatile and interesting Ferrari’s ever produced, combining performance and practicality unlike any other Ferrari produced before. The FF, or “Ferrari Four”, named as such because of its spacious four seats and four-wheel drive system, is the first production Ferrari to put its power down to all four wheels. 50% lighter than a conventional four-wheel drive system, and able to switch between AWD and RWD depending on the mode selected on the iconic manettino dial, the Ferrari FF paved the way for future AWD Ferrari’s such as the SF90 and Purosangue SUV.

The FF features a distinctive shooting brake body style, giving the car ample space inside for 4 passengers and luggage, making this the ultimate Ferrari grand-tourer. With the rear seats folded down, the boot has a capacity of up to 800L, or a still impressive 450L with the seats up.

You might be thinking that with all this practicality, performance would surely suffer – but the 6.3L V12 engine would beg to differ. Producing 650hp, and with a top speed of over 200mph, travelling with 2 extra seats in the back and a suitcase or two has never been so exciting. The FF stays true to the Ferrari brand, never compromising on performance and delivering thrilling drives no matter the conditions. The addition of a four-wheel drive system and its adaptable driving modes makes the FF an extremely usable supercar in the come rain, shine, or even snow.

If you can’t decide between an SUV or supercar, need to take the kids to school on weekdays and tear up the track on the weekend, or just have too many friends for a conventional Ferrari, the FF is the perfect choice.