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Model Overview

As the successor to the 488 GTB, the Ferrari F8 Tributo had a lot to live up to upon its release in 2019. It features the same 3.9-Litre V8 and produces the same horsepower as the 488 Pista, at an impressive 710bhp, and boasts a staggering 0-62 time of just 2.9 seconds. Handling is also improved over the outgoing 488 models, with plenty of aerodynamic changes and upgraded stability systems.

On the exterior, there are subtle design changes from its predecessor which hark back and – as the name suggests - pays tribute to classic Ferraris such as the F40 and 288 GTO – in particular, the side ‘gills’, twin circular taillights and slatted rear windscreen. The F8 also has a more sculpted look, with the front and rear grilles appearing ‘moulded’ to suit the shape of the car and create a more elegant design. Also fresh to the F8’s design are the new optional Forged Starburst wheels that further add to the nostalgic look of the car and are a modern take on the 308 GTB’s wheels from the 70s.

On the interior, the F8 is pretty much business as usual, with a stunning, driver-focused layout. Small upgrades bring the interior a more modern feel than the 488 GTB, boasting a passenger screen as standard as well as a fresh new steering-wheel design with all new controls. The standard seats have also been redesigned with a sportier, cleaner look.

The convertible variant, the F8 Spider, retains the staggering performance of the Tributo, with 0-62mph remaining at 2.9 seconds, and the top speed also remaining unchanged. Whilst many opted for the coupe, the spider is a fantastic option for those looking for a true open-top Ferrari experience, and really enjoy the roar of the V8.

Overall, the F8 represents a fantastic combination of modern luxuries and performance, with classic Ferrari influences. Innovative engineering along with stunning styling continues Ferrari’s long line of incredible V8 sports cars which continue to improve with every release. Ferrari also opted to not create a “special” variant of the F8 like they have done previously with the 488 Pista or 458 Speciale, making it all the more special in its own right. Whether the F8 is being used on sweeping country roads or thrashed around a track, there is absolutely no doubt that this is one of the most capable Ferraris to ever leave the factory.