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Model Overview

The excitement that surrounds the unveiling of a new flagship Ferrari is comparable to none. Those at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012 were the first ones to witness the replacement for the highly thought of 599 GTB and cast their eyes on the new F12 Berlinetta for sale. In recent years Ferrari can do very little wrong on their road cars and once again has created another class-leading supercar for this generation.

The F12 improves on the 599 in every way with power and performance at the very top of the list. Second only to the LaFerrari in terms of power the F12 has the beating of the Enzo, 599 GTO and 458 around the Fiorano track. The naturally aspirated 6.3L engine is adopted from the FF but has been re-engineered providing an increase of 119bhp over the 599 and throttle response is better than ever. The addition of dual-clutch transmission on it’s flagship model for the first time provides further improvements over it’s predecessor with super smooth and fast gear changes that the old F1 box couldn’t manage.

The F12 uses an aluminium chassis but new materials help to increase stiffness and reduce weight. It is the most advanced Ferrari for sale to date with Formula 1 influencing many technological improvements to the stability and traction systems whilst the aerodynamics have been hugely improved with the ‘aero-bridge’ found on the bonnet significantly reducing drag and improving downforce.

Despite it’s unbelievable performance which will take all the headlines the F12 also takes it’s duties as a Grand Tourer very seriously and it’s finest achievement might just be how the F12 is one of the most usable supercars for sale on the market. There is plenty of luggage space and the ease at which you can drive at low speeds is something owners will truly appreciate.