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Model Overview

The Enzo has already become one of the most famous Ferraris for sale of all time, partly due to it being named after it's founder Enzo Ferrari but also due to its unmistakable styling and technical prowess. The Enzo was originally built in 2002 to celebrate Ferraris first Formula 1 title of the new millennium. It went for sale in the UK the following year as the most expensive Ferrari ever made with a list price of around £400,000.

The Enzo is the spiritual successor to the Ferrari F50 but featured a brand new 6.0L V12 engine and developed much of its technology from Formula1 breaking new ground for road cars. 399 examples were officially built though a 400th car was made as a gift to the late Pope John Paul II and later auctioned off for charity.

The Enzo is widely considered to be one of the best modern day investments that money can buy with values having doubled in its first decade. Romans are proud to have stocked some the worlds best examples and sold over 30 Enzo's in total, more than was meant to be delivered to the UK.