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Model Overview

Unveiled in April 2010 and limited to just 599 examples, the 599 GTO (Gran Turismo Omologato) became an instant fan-favourite, essentially being a road-legal version of the brutal 599 XX track car, and only the third Ferrari to ever wear the GTO badge. At the time, Ferrari claimed it to be the fastest road car they’d ever produced, lapping the Fiorano test track one second faster than the legendary Ferrari Enzo. The GTO also borrows the 599 XX’s multiple-shift program from its gearbox, along with its incredible, eardrum-bursting exhaust system. 0-62mph is achieved in just under 3.4 seconds, thanks to its 6.0L V12 engine producing 661bhp as well as a weight saving of nearly 100kg in comparison with the standard GTB.

Cosmetically, the changes made to differentiate the GTO from the standard 599 GTB are subtle, yet impactful to both the driving experience and the design of the car. On the interior there is exposed carbon as far as the eye can see, making the cabin undoubtedly track-focused and heavily contributing to the weight savings and resulting driving feel. On the exterior, new lightweight wheels, black mesh grilles and carbon fibre body panelling once again add to the weight savings over the GTB, while also creating a much more aggressive and focused look. 

Ferrari also introduced the 599 SA Aperta at the Paris Motor Show in 2010, which was a convertible special edition of the 599 that utilised the GTO’s engine and gearbox. Only 80 examples were ever produced worldwide – a nod to the 80th anniversary of Pininfarina.

The 599 GTO is a truly raw and visceral, track-focused version of the already brilliant 599 GTB. Drivers can enjoy the full-fat Ferrari V12 in all its glory in a lighter and more capable package, with the handling and overall driving feel being fine-tuned for the most involving and connected experience possible.