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Model Overview

The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. The car that set the trend for track-focused street-legal supercars. This is the car that paved the way for the likes of the 430 Scuderia, 458 Speciale and 488 Pista rear-mid V8 Ferrari supercars. Sat between the 360 Modena and the 360 Challenge race car, it bridges the gab between production car and a dedicated track star. Although it sits between these two, the similarities to the track car are immediately recognisable, firstly with the sound emitted from the naturally aspirated 3.6 litre V8. The sound is raw and throaty, reminiscent its track only sibling. The unforgettable exhaust note produced by the Challenge Stradale makes it one of the loudest, if not the loudest street-going Ferrari to roll out of the factory. Carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium and Lexan is used widely around the car to shave around 110 Kg off of the production car.

The 360 Challenge Stradale is as barebones as Ferrari could make it. The lack of intelligent computer systems and technology to help the driver, you really are on your own. This factor makes for an extremely unique driver experience which has been compared to that of the F40, a legend in its own right.

The exceptional driving experience is helped partly by the n/a V8 mounted behind the driver and with very little sound deadening, the sound created is felt just as much as it is heard in the carbon-clad cabin. The interior is just as race-inspired as the exterior and engine, featuring carbon fibre bucket seats with racing harnesses and roll cage. This is a true modern classic Ferrari that outlines exactly what a Ferrari set out to do – to excite and push the boundaries and paved the way for the Ferraris of today. The Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale is a car that certainly will not be forgotten in a hurry.