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Model Overview

Seen by many as the flagship of BMW SUVs, the X7 is a large, three-row crossover which is suited perfectly to long-distance journeys for the whole family. The familiar high-quality and luxurious BMW interior materials can be found throughout the cabin, from the leather upholstery on the seats, to the gorgeous glass moulding used for the gear selector.

BMW don’t skimp on technology either, with Gesture Control being included as standard, along with BMW’s live cockpit – both helping to control the 12.3” infotainment display. Adding even further to the luxurious feel of the cabin is the large panoramic sunroof, which stretches across all three rows of seats, assisting with the spacious nature of the interior of the X7.

There are many variants of the X7 to choose from, with the xDrive M60i being the most powerful and therefore fastest version with a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Power sits at 530bhp, with 0-62mph being tackled in 4.7 seconds, which, considering the size and weight of this car is pretty astounding. The suspension of the X7 also now features a self-levelling system, creating a ride that is fit to compete with some of the best luxury manufacturers in the game.

Overall, the X7 is a brilliant choice for anyone who wants to transport the whole family in luxury and comfort. With competitive performance and impressive fuel efficiency, paired with outstanding build quality and reliability, this is a well-rounded package that appeals to the whole family.