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Model Overview

The BMW M8 is the latest all-new, fully-fledged “M” car in the BMW lineup. Based on the 8-Series, it features the latest in BMW technology and comfort, as well as a 4.4 litre twin-turbo V8 engine that it shares with the M5, X5M and X6M. Acceleration is very impressive, with 0-62mph being achieved in 3.2 seconds and the engine producing 591bhp, or 617bhp for the M8 Competition. Top speed is limited to 155mph; however, the optional M Driver’s package can unleash the M8’s full potential and raise that figure to 190mph.

The M8 was initially introduced in June 2019, in both convertible and coupe format, and received a positive reception for its looks and driving capability. A four-door sedan version was later introduced in October 2019 under the ‘Gran Coupe’ guise, which made for a fantastic all-rounder with immense capability and space to carry the family.

The sleek and sporty looks of the exterior of the M8 give it real road presence, with aggressive lines leading to a large front grille and air intakes. On the interior, the sporty feel is replicated throughout the cabin. Carbon fibre accents are featured on the centre console and door cards to remind the driver and passengers of the performance this car has to offer; however, this doesn’t mean luxury has been overlooked. Plush leathers and high-quality metals cover the interior panels, with buttons and dials being tactile and well-located for use during those more spirited drives.

Overall, the M8 offers an incredible package for the money, with a perfect balance of comfort and luxury along with mind-blowing performance and stunning looks to match.