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Model Overview

Hailed by Jeremy Clarkson as one of his favourite M cars ever made, the BMW M2 is one of the best driver's cars of the modern era. It takes cues from the classic M cars of the past and brings extreme driving dynamics of the M series to the small car sector. It's a pure and simple BMW driver's car worthy of BMW's tagline 'The Ultimate Driving Machine'. With a small body size thanks to its 2 series coupe shell, the M2 has been widened by 80mm to accommodate the suspension of the M3 and M4. It looks the part too with bulging front and rear wheel arches, deeper front bumper with gaping cooling vents while the rear reveals the trademark M car quad exhaust layout. These aesthetic changes give the car an unmistakable squat and muscular stance.

Although the car is based on the 3.0 litre straight six 326 bhp engine in the M235i, the M2 has received new pistons from the M3, new induction system, revised cooling and oil system capable of maintaining pressure and temperature even in high performance driving. With these changes the M2 produces a total of 370 bhp and accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds with a manual gearbox or 4.3 seconds with the M DCT transmission. Top speed is 155 mph. Step inside and you are greeted with nicely bolstered leather seats and a fantastic driving position. The M2 has BMW's iDrive infotainment system as standard, a crisp screen that sits on top of the dashboard and DAB radio that also comes as standard. The M2 is very spacious for a small coupe with the ability to carry four adults thanks to the decent room in the back. The boot is large too making the M2 a practical family car.

Competing against the Ford Focus RS, Audi RS3, VW Golf R, Mercedes-AMG A45 and Porsche Cayman; the M2 offers a completely unique driving experience to its rivals. With a front engine rear wheel drive layout, the M2 is the only one out of its opponents to offer such a driving layout. Ultimately, we at Romans International are very fond of this baby M car. It offers fantastic performance in a very small usable package. The M2 truly deserves all the praises it gets.