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Model Overview

The instantly recognisable BMW i8 is an ultra-futuristic sports car which can not only tackle 0-62mph in just 4.4 seconds, but can still achieve just under 135mpg if driven sensibly. Sporting supercar-derived butterfly doors, aggressive looks and a plethora of technology, the i8 is a unique and truly practical performance car, with all of the right BMW aspects included.

It uses a 228bhp 3-cylinder turbocharged combustion engine along with a 131bhp electric motor, totalling just under 360bhp. Despite the relatively modest power figures, the immense 420lb-ft of torque means the i8 is never lacking in shove – especially when considering its surprisingly low weight of just 1480kg. Even more surprising, is that despite its dimensions and impressive performance figures, the i8 is a 2+2, meaning it has two (albeit tiny) rear seats.

Introduced in 2014, the i8 took BMW’s styling in an all-new direction for their “I” sub-brand of electric cars. Flowing lines and aggressive air ducts in the front and rear of the car accentuate the sportiness of this car and fitting nicely with its ultra-modern focus. In 2018, BMW introduced the i8 Roadster, allowing drivers to enjoy the thrills of this hybrid sports car in true drop-top fashion.

Overall, the i8 is a fantastic way to enjoy high performance and immense capability, whilst always having the option of true hybrid economy and back seats for short journeys. The styling, while controversial, stays true to BMW’s design language of the time and perfectly suits its nature as a baby supercar.