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Model Overview

The Bentley Continental Supersports was launched in 2009 as a standalone model but based upon the mass-production Continental GT. It was Bentley’s answer to supercars from other marques competing at the Continental’s price point, becoming the most powerful car Bentley made at its release and also the best handling. Boasting a completely reconfigured version of the Continental’s 6.0L W12 plant, the Supersports put out 621 bhp and was capable of running on both petrol and biofuel. The Supersports’ new ZF gearbox reduced gear shift times by 50% while a revised differential enabled a rear-biased all-wheel drive system to put the power down on the tarmac. The model also boasted carbon ceramic brakes, and an overall weight reduction of over 100 kg. Later, Bentley announced a convertible version of the Supersports. 1800 of the first-generation Supersports were sold.

In 2017 came an even more limited, second-generation Bentley Continental Supersports. This time limited to 710 units, the revised car pushed over 700 bhp and climbed all the way to 209 mph. New intakes and exhaust systems were largely to thank for the surge in power, as well as bigger turbochargers. There were also eye-catching styling enhancements to the new Supersports including vibrant two-tone paint schemes. While no amount of technological trickery can turn an enormous cruiser like this into a supercar, the Supersports is a really entertaining package that adds a tremendous amount to the Continental GT and should provide strong residual values given its ultra-low production numbers.

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