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Model Overview

Coming off the back of the standard e-tron SUV – the first fully-electric production car Audi had ever produced, the RS e-tron GT turned the looks, performance and road presence up to 11. It’s claimed to be a direct competitor to the Porsche Taycan and delivers staggering performance figures, with 0-62mph being accomplished in a mere 3.3 seconds through its electric motors, which boast just under 600bhp.

Audi includes a generous helping of high-tech features and futuristic elements in the interior of the RS e-tron GT, and yet the cabin feels unmistakeably similar to its combustion engine siblings – which is never a bad thing. Two large infotainment screens grace the cockpit, with one doubling up as the instrument cluster. It is also available with the sought-after Carbon Vorsprung package, which, as the name suggests, adds a whole load of carbon fibre both inside and out, including carbon fibre roof, exterior package and door sill trims.

The RS e-tron GT, while being fully electric, can’t be overlooked as a fantastic option for a brutally fast, incredibly capable grand tourer, especially when factoring in the four doors and spacious cabin, and with a claimed range of up to 282 miles, it’s easy to see why.