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Ferrari FF

Previously Sold Ferrari FF

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Please note we do not include every previously sold car, this is either due to confidentiality reasons or to avoid duplicated content from having similar spec cars.

Model Overview

The FF debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011 replacing the 612 Scaglietti as the 4-seat V12 GT car in Ferrari’s range. FF is abbreviated for ‘Four Four’ in that it is firstly a 4-seat Ferrari but more importantly is the first 4-Wheel drive Ferrari to ever go into production.

The 4-wheel drive system is not a conventional one and in fact much of the time the car is set up as a rear-wheel drive car until you switch the manettino to ‘Comfort’ or ‘Snow’ mode bringing the 4-wheel drive system into play. The V12 is the same engine developed from the Enzo and 599 and at the time of launch was the largest capacity engine ever produced in a Ferrari (6262cc). The superb F1 dual clutch transmission makes another appearance and together the performance figures of the FF impressively match the 599 GTB which has a much better power to weight ratio.

The FF sees the return of the ‘shooting brake’ shape in that despite being a coupe many will see it’s similarities with an estate car but there is no denying this is still very much an out and out Ferrari and one that is both practical and fantastic to drive. Capable of long distance trips in comfort and style with plenty of space for 4 adults and luggage but effortless power and fantastic traction when you want to put your foot down.
A Ferrari that you can drive all-year round is a rare thing and we highly recommend this car to all our customers.