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Ferrari F40

Previously Sold Ferrari F40

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Model Overview

Perhaps the most iconic Ferrari of modern times is the F40. It was on sale from 1987 until 1992 so its over 25 years old but is one of the few cars of its era which still feels so relevant today and is considered a truly timeless masterpiece. Successor to the amazing 288 GTO the F40 was the last Ferrari to be personally approved by its founder Enzo Ferrari in the year that he died and was built to celebrate Ferraris 40th anniversary.

The F40 featured a 5-speed manual gearbox and a twin turbo charged 2.9L V8 engine which delivers outstanding performance even by today's standards. It became the fastest car in the world when it was originally for sale with a top speed of 201mph and is still regarded as one of the best drivers cars of all time.

The F40 is like a knife edge racing car built for the road with its cabin stripped of any luxury in favour of saving weight to improve performance. It's famous rear wing defines it's striking character and helps capture an emotion that no car has quite managed to beat since.

Originally Ferrari were going to produce around 100 F40s for sale but such was the demand and the wide acclaim it received they ended up building 1,315 cars. Despite not ranking the highest in the exclusivity stakes they are one the rarest supercars on the market due to the majority of owners reluctance to sell. Their values are appreciating year after year and is a must-have for any serious collector.