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Aston Martin Rapide

Previously Sold Aston Martin Rapide

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Please note we do not include every previously sold car, this is either due to confidentiality reasons or to avoid duplicated content from having similar spec cars.

Model Overview

The Rapide is the first 4-door Aston Martin for sale since the Lagonda back in the 1980s and it builds on the successful platform of the DB9 which has defined the modern Aston chassis and cabin. First debuted as a concept at the Detroit Motor Show in 2006, the Rapide went for sale in 2010. The car uses the same 5.9L V12 engine built in Germany as the DB9 and DBS before it and is accompanied by the Touchtronic II gearbox and paddle shifts but with no manual option. The Rapide is more than a foot longer than the DB9 to allow for the more spacious rear cabin but loses none of the elegant styling that has defined this era of Aston Martins and is a truly stunning car to look at. Filling the gap in the Aston Martin range for a luxury saloon was much needed and the Rapide has done so with a great deal of aplomb. The car has been praised for it’s fantastic build quality with a superbly refined interior, the rear seats are beautifully sculpted in high quality leather and a first in recent times that Aston can actually fit 4 adults into a car. The performance of the car has been hugely impressive and it’s hard to notice just how big the car is. With an adaptive damping system in place the car features a ‘Sport’ mode, which provides sharper gearshifts, stiffens the suspension making the car sportier and noisier. It’s a great transformation from the standard mode which allows the car to smoothly cruise along appreciating the comfort and luxury that the Rapide oozes. The car comes standard with an incredibly high specification and though as a new car it seemed expensive and sales were not as high as expected the Rapide has really come into it’s own as a used car which now represents great value. In 2013 Aston Martin announced the Rapide S would replace the Rapide altogether which featured more power and various improvements. There is always demand at Romans for a used Aston Martin Rapide so we are always actively looking to have this superb model for sale.