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The Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati was established during 1914, in Bologna, by the Maserati brothers, Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, Ettore, and Ernesto, who were all involved with automobiles somehow from the beginning of the 20th century. Initially, they were involved with building 2-litre Grand Prix cars for the historic Italic car company Diatto, this ceased in 1926 when Diatto suspended production, and this departure from Diatto saw birth of the Maserati marque.

One of the first Maserati’s built that year was raced by Alfieri and went on to win the famous Targo Florio race in 1926. Winning this prestigious race firmly put Maserati on the automotive map.

Mario Maserati was the family’s artist who designed the company’s trident emblem badge, reputed to have been based on the famous ‘Fontana del Nettuno’ in Bologna and the Trident held by Neptune. The Maserati brothers continued building race cars up until 1937, when they decided to sell their shares in the company to the Adolfo Orsi family.

In 1940, the Maserati company was relocated to new headquarters in Modena (still the company's headquarters today), which was the hometown of the Adolfo Orsi family. Even though company relocated, the Maserati brothers carried on working for the company as chief engineers at the new factory. In this new period for Maserati, the company continued to be highly competitive, even when they were faced by the might of the Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz. At this time, Maserati managed back-to-back wins for 1939 and 1940, plus a Maserati 8CTF won the prestigious Indianapolis 500, and they remain the only Italian manufacturer ever to do so.

After the war, this next period with the Orsi ownership is what were to become the golden years for the Maserati Company. This was also a key period when many new people joined the company, giving a renewed focus to building the best engines and chassis for motor racing. This group of talented individuals formed O.S.C.A. (or Officine Specializzate Costruzioni Automobili - Fratelli Maserati SpA) a specialist racing arm of Maserati.

During this time, Maserati made a great decision in employing the now-legendary Argentinian driver Juan-Manuel Fangio, who stayed with the company for a few years during the 1950s. Juan-Manuel Fangio took Maserati to a range of stunning victories, which included winning the world championship in 1957 whist driving the Maserati 250F. During the 1950s, the company also employed the services of a young and up and coming English racing driver, Stirling Moss, who also gave the company many prestigious race wins around the world.

It was in 1957 that Maserati decided to retire from racing as a company, with a shift of focus onto producing road cars. During the 1960s and 1970s, the company designed and produced some new and truly inspirational luxury sports cars. These included the Maserati Bora, Maserati Merak, Maserati Khamsin and the Quattroporte II. During the 1980s and the 1990s the company switched from making mid-engined cars to front-engined cars, producing models like the Maserati Biturbo, Shamal and Ghibli II.

Today sees the company under Fiat ownership, which has seen the Maserati separated from the Ferrari arm of the Fiat group and accompanied with the Alfa Romeo marque to form together in a special luxury division of the Fiat group.

Maserati dealers now offer a variation of their 3 main models, the saloon 4-door Quattroporte which has spawned the Quattroporte S and Quattroporte GTS. The 4 seater coupe Gran Turismo which has several models with different power and transmission options including the GranTurismo S and the MC Stradale. The convertible GranCabrio is the the other model offered for sale by Maserati and has received huge praise for it's styling with critics calling it one of the most beautiful performance cars around.

There is no doubt Maserati is one of the very coolest brands that Romans sell and we are always looking for new and used Maserati so if you are looking at buying one or perhaps selling your Maserati then please contact us.

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