2017/67 - Range Rover 5.0 SVAutobiography Dynamic - £121,950
Colour:Satin Black with Ebony Diamond Quilted Leather & Pimento Red Stitching
2016/16 - Range Rover Sport 5.0 SVR - £SOLD
Colour:Corris Grey with Ebony/Cirrus Leather
2015/15 - Range Rover Sport 5.0 SVR - £SOLD
Colour:Corris Grey with Ebony Leather


Romans International are Range Rover dealers in Surrey, just outside London and we stock the finest selection of used Range Rover for sale. Romans are the leading independent luxury car dealers in the UK and Range Rover is one of our most popular brands for sale.

The Range Rover car marque has become known the world over as the brand that defines the luxury SUV sector since its original production and release back in 1970 by Land Rover. Range Rover has become the epitome of true British manufactured 4x4 SUVs that combine a well designed, rugged, hard wearing build as a practical vehicle with luxury, style and comfort.

Today, the Range Rover is available in many different guises, with the luxury Range Rover Sport HSE and the new multi-award winning Evoque being the latest editions to the range. There was originally only one model of Range Rover, which was developed from a concept project by Gordon Bashford, who played a significant role in the design and development of the Land Rover. The concept project model started development in 1951 and was a larger bodied vehicle than the Land Rover models, being based around the Rover P4; the project was codenamed the Road Rover.

In 1970 the first Range Rover dealers were launched to immediate success and critical acclaim around the world, originally marketed as a deluxe town and country version of the Land Rover. Since then the Range Rover has gone from strength to strength, being offered in many different finishes and with a host of engine and gearbox configurations.   

Probably one of the most significant changes to the configuration was the introduction of the four-door body in 1981, which made Range Rover dealers more family friendly and resulted in it becoming used far more as an urban utility vehicle. The Range Rover was originally only available fitted with the Rover 3.5 litre V8 engine; this was standard until 1984, when the company introduced an electronic fuel injection system to help boost engine power.  

The 1990s brought with it new ownership by the German manufacturer BMW, with the period also seeing the second incarnation of the Range Rover. The model enjoyed a newly designed chassis and body, and a new range of engine and transmission options thanks to this change in owner.

The third generation of Range Rover was unveiled in 2002. This edition saw the luxury SUV move even further upmarket, with more high tech features like an inbuilt satellite navigation and in-car entertainment system, along with a range of more powerful and greener engines. In 2006 the addition of the Range Rover Sport into the range was announced; this was an all-new vehicle which was developed and based on the Land Rover Discovery/LR3 chassis.

September 2011 saw the introduction of the long awaited new baby Range Rover, the Evoque, adding to the company’s growing SUV portfolio. The Evoque has become an instant worldwide success, winning global acclaim and scooping up more awards than any other similar vehicle in such a short time – it received over 100 awards in the first six months of its release.       

The Range Rover Evoque is a whole new breed of Range Rover, offering a mix of contemporary design, practicality as an SUV, and status as the brand’s most economical and environmentally conscious vehicle currently available. The design team were aided by Victoria Beckham, who spent over 18 months working alongside Design Director Gerry McGovern, creating different elements that had not been seen in previous models.

So, if you are looking for a new or used Range Rover for sale, then contact Romans International in Surrey. We are one of the most highly respected prestige car dealers in the United Kingdom, specialising in both SUVs and performance and luxury cars, whilst also offering buyers exemplary service and advice. Visit our showroom or call us to discuss any make or model we currently have in stock or possibly a particular vehicle which we can assist in sourcing for you. Simply call us on 0844 249 5186 for further information.

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