1997 - Ferrari F50 - £2,295,000
Colour:Rosso Corsa with Nero Leather & Rosso Fabric
2011/11 - Ferrari 599 GTO - £650,000
Colour:Rosso F1 2007 with Nero Alcantara/Rosso 3D Fabric
2009 - Ferrari 16M 430 Scuderia Spider LHD - £339,500
Colour:Rosso Corsa with Grigio 3D Fabric & Blu Scuro Alcantara
2015/15 - Ferrari 458 Speciale - £319,950
Colour:Grigio Silverstone with Nero Alcantara & 3D Fabric
2016/66 - Ferrari 488 GTB - £209,950
Colour:Nero Daytona with Crema Leather
2014/14 - Ferrari 458 Speciale - £SOLD
Colour:Bianco Avus with Nero 3D Fabric & Blu Scuro Alcantara
2015/65 - Ferrari 458 Speciale - £SOLD
Colour:Rosso Scuderia with Nero Leather
New - Ferrari LaFerrari - £SOLD
Colour:Blu with Hermes Orange Tailor Made Leather


Romans International are one of the UK's leading independent Ferrari dealers. Based in Surrey just outside London we always stock a selection of the latest and rarest Ferrari's with only the finest examples for sale always presented in exceptional condition at our showroom. Whether your looking to purchase your next Ferrari or perhaps your looking to sell your current Ferrari, we hope Romans will be one of your first points of call having been long established as one of London and Surrey's number one Ferrari dealers.


Ferrari is probably the world's most iconic performance car brand and has produced some of the most famous cars in history. The legendary Prancing horse logo not only symbolises some of the most desirable luxury cars on the planet but also it's unrivalled motorsport success which remains at the heart of Ferrari.

The Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari is based at their headquarters in Maranello. The company was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, as Scuderia Ferrari. Since then the famous race team and their prestigious luxury sports cars have been synonymous with the motor racing world, making Ferrari the oldest Grand Prix team in the world.

When Enzo Ferrari started the Scuderia Ferrari (which literally means "Ferrari Stable", although usually it is used as a term for "Team Ferrari"), he was first and foremost focused on racing and race development. In the early years he worked alongside Alfa Romeo and their racing cars, and later he went on to shift his primary focus to his beloved Scuderia Ferrari.

The first actual Ferrari car debuted at the 1940 Mille Miglia race, but due to World War II saw little competition during this period. It was seven years later when the first Ferrari road car was introduced, the Ferrari 125 S, which was powered by a 1.5 litre, V12 engine. This saw Enzo Ferrari reluctantly building his automobiles to fund Scuderia Ferrari - this was the beginning of the Ferrari road car production history.

The Scuderia Ferrari has participated in many classes of motorsport around the world, though the Scuderia Ferrari Team is primarily involved in Formula One. Plus, Scuderia Ferrari is the only team to have competed in the Formula One World Championship continuously since its inception in 1950; this was highlighted by Jose Froilan Gonzalez, who gave the Ferrari team its first F1 victory at the British Grand Prix in 1951.

The famous Alberto Ascari gave Ferrari its first Drivers Championship in 1952. From then on, the Scuderia has gone from strength to strength. Whereas in the beginning Enzo Ferrari reluctantly began the manufacture of his road-going Ferrari performance cars as a way to fund his racing team, from the 1950's to the present day, with the team's worldwide acclaim in motor racing - primarily the Formula One championship -  the brand has been highly lucrative for Ferrari dealers.

Now in the modern era of Grand Prix racing, which has been lifted even further by the seven times world Grand Prix Champion Michael Schumacher, the Ferrari Brand and the "Prancing Horse" motor car marque has risen to new heights, with sales and demand of their famous car models rising with their successes, making a used Ferrari a wise investment in uncertain times.

This era of illustrious fame for Ferrari over the last 50 years has seen many famous racing drivers for the Scuderia team. This has also led to drivers having Hollywood celebrity status, which incidentally has seen a large proportion of Ferrari performance cars being purchased by many films stars and celebrities around the world.

From the phenomenon, the prices of certain models - especially race models or certain models that have been highlighted whilst being owned or driven by Hollywood a-list celebrities, or have been used in popular films or TV shows - have seen their market value soar.

The hugely successful 1970's TV series "The Persuaders!" popularised the Ferrari Dino 246 GT, which was featured in every episode, and driven by the film legend Tony Curtis. Then, in the 1980's, there was the hit TV series starring Tom Selleck as the character Thomas Magnum who drove a Ferrari 308 GTS.

Then in present day you have celebrities like the TV presenter and broadcaster Chris Evans, who owns several different Ferrari models, including a limited edition Ferrari Enzo and a 550 Barchetta which he bought at Romans. His favourite is the most expensive, which is an ultra rare 1960 Ferrari 250 California Spyder, that cost over £5 million at auction.

What makes this classic car even more special is that it is number 13 out of only 56 cars ever produced of this model. Plus, what adds to the cars prominence is that it was formally owned by the late (great) film actor James Coburn, who was also a massive Ferrari fan.

So, what next for Ferrari dealers and their loyal clientele? Well, the new range of performance cars for sale is very exciting, with some fantastic new models available.

The Ferrari 458 Italia has won a huge number of awards and trophies for its design and performance around the world, which include the supreme accolade of "Performance Car of the Year". This has meant the Ferrari 458 Italia sets the bar for sports car manufacturing and performance, whereas other manufactures are measured against the 458 Italia as a benchmark.

Then you have the limited edition Ferrari 599 GTO, the fastest ever road-going Ferrari. The 599 GTO is based on the 599XX, the advanced experimental track car, which is the nearest thing to a race car you will get on the road. Ferrari have recently launched the new Ferrari FF, which is the company's all new V12 four seater, with four wheeled drive, which shows Ferrari branching out into new market sectors.

Also arriving in 2012 is the very exciting F12 Berlinetta which will be released to replace the 599GTB and there are also rumours of a successor to the Enzo!

So, if you are looking to purchase a used Ferrari performance car or you would like more information regarding a particular model, then contact Romans International and visit our showroom to see our current stock. If there is a car we don't currently stock we can possibly source one for you as we have great relationships with Ferrari dealers across the UK. If you are interested in selling your Ferrari then simply call us on 0844 249 5186 for further details or fill out our online sell your car form for a valuation.

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