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Model Overview

When you consider the ferocity and immense performance of the 720S, it’s hard to imagine that McLaren could improve even further on its formula, in almost all aspects. The 765LT continues McLaren’s ‘LT’ treatment of their standard models, which already includes the 600LT and 675LT and takes the sublime 720S to the next level. 80kg lighter than the model on which it’s based, the LT weighs only 1,339kg in its lightest spec and yet it packs 45bhp over the 720S.

The 2.8 seconds 0-62mph time is unchanged for the LT, however it shaves an impressive 3.4 seconds off the 720S’s 0-186mph time, sitting at 18 seconds flat. Downforce has been increased by 25% which is expected when considering the amount of aero this car includes. A larger active rear wing, along with a new front splitter, rear diffuser and a dropped ride height all contribute to improved aerodynamics and therefore cornering ability, which is one of the main focus points for this car.

Looks-wise, the changes made over the 720S are subtle, yet they do a great job of adding an element of excitement and aggression to the exterior. Nearly 50cm longer at the rear, the LT or ‘longtail’ lives up to its name, with most of that increase being contributed by the rear wing. Things are more “stripped out” on the interior, with the focus being the carbon fibre bucket seats borrowed from the LT’s big brother, the Senna.

A convertible, or “spider” variant of the 765LT entered production in 2021. It harnesses the same internals as the coupe, but as the name suggests, adopts a retractable hard top roof. It also weights in at 80kg less than the standard 720S Spider.

The 765LT is one of the most aggressive and track-focused McLarens on the market, being pinned against the likes of the AMG GT Black Series and Ferrari 488 Pista. Its performance figures speak for themselves, and act as a huge testament to McLaren’s hard work in creating this race car for the road.