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Please note we do not include every previously sold car, this is either due to confidentiality reasons or to avoid duplicated content from having similar spec cars.

Model Overview

The first-generation Ford GT was first publicly marketed and for sale in 2003, with production models being delivered near the end of 2004. The GT is heavily based off of the 1960s GT40 Concept car appearance wise, however the GT has larger dimensions. The GT is bigger, wider and 100mm taller which makes it a more convenient car than people were led to believe compared to the much smaller and cramped dimensions of the Concept GT40. Despite the similarity in appearance the GT is in no way similar structurally to the GT40.

The GT was featured with technologies that were ahead of its time. This included a cap-less fuel filler system where the fuel tank sat beneath the central tunnel of the interior. The engine featured a dry sump, where oil is stored away from the engine and multiple oil pumps are used. This allowed the 5.4-litre supercharged V8 engine to sit lower in the GT which in turn allowed for a lower centre of gravity.

The second-generation Ford GT was first marketed in 2015 through the Forza Motorsport 6 video game and went into production late 2016. The new GT was developed directly from the successful Le Mans race car. This naturally produces a car with a focus on downforce aerodynamic efficiency, which can be seen in the similarity in body shapes of the second-generation Ford GT and the Le Mans race car. The new GT was given Ford’s 3.5-Litre Ecoboost engine because of its compact design, which would not impede the design plans of the bodywork. Despite the compact size of the Ecoboost engine the new GT has 647bhp at its disposal and when combined with racing derived aerodynamics is able to achieve a top speed of 216mph.

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