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Bentley Supersports

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Please note we do not include every previously sold car, this is either due to confidentiality reasons or to avoid duplicated content from having similar spec cars.

Model Overview

The Bentley Continental Supersports represents the flagship of the Continental range and the most hardcore Bentley production car ever built. The Supersports officially debuted at the Geneva Motor Show 2009 as the most powerful and fastest Bentley ever built before going for sale later in the year in the UK. Originally for sale only as a 2 seater though a 4-seat comfort option became available later, the Supersports featured 110kg weight reduction over the standard Continental GT thanks to it’s stripped out cabin, ceramic brakes and carbon fibre trim. A revised gearbox improved shift speed by 50% while it’s wider track, stiffer suspension and 60-40 split for the 4WD ensured that this was a different type of Bentley that appealed more to the performance enthusiasts.

What was interesting about the Supersports despite it’s 6.0L twin-turbo W12 engine was that Bentley claimed there was a 70% improvement in emissions over the original Continental GT in part thanks to it’s ability to run on both petrol and biofuel which contained 85% ethanol.

Now that the Continental range finds itself in it’s second generation a lot of the amazing facts and figures of the Supersports have somewhat diminished but there is no denying that the Supersports still holds a candle for being the most aggressive and rawest experience you can find in a Bentley. It has been rightly praised for its very precise handling and comfortable ride making you feel like your driving a car lighter and smaller than it actually is.

Bentley brought out a convertible Supersports in 2010 which became one of the fastest drop-top production cars ever for sale with a top speed of 202mph. The convertible has all the same qualities as the coupe if not quite as raw but with the added benefit of having the wind blowing in your hair. A special edition version called the ‘ISR’ broke the all time world speed record on ice which is limited to just 100 examples.

Bentley has aimed to bring a new generation Supersports for sale potentially with a V8 engine but at the time of writing this has still yet to be greenlit.