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Audi RS4

Previously Sold Audi RS4

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Please note we do not include every previously sold car, this is either due to confidentiality reasons or to avoid duplicated content from having similar spec cars.

Model Overview

All Audi RS models over the last 20 years have been produced at the Quattro GmbH subsidiary of Audi AG using technology developed on the racetrack to create magnificent performance. None have perfected it quite like the Audi RS4 did back in 2006, which quickly turned into a cult car and a real favourite of the hardcore car enthusiast.

2012 saw the return of the RS4 though this time the car is only for sale as an ‘Avant’ as Audi have decided the RS5 now covers the sports saloon market while the RS4 Avant can concentrate on becoming the ultimate estate car. The 2 cars accompany each other very well and have many similarities including the 4.2L V8 engine which provides a breathtaking soundtrack and the superb S-Tronic dual clutch transmission which is one of the only gearboxes which can rival the likes of Ferrari and Porsche for the smoothest and fastest gear changes.

The RS4 Avant is a practical estate car with supercar performance - its subtle looks, large boot and Quattro 4WD system make it a great everyday car and hugely desirable. The Quattro 4WD system ensures it is an all-weather machine providing tonnes of grip and traction, which is still fun and engaging to drive.

The 4 different drive settings allow the car to adapt to the occasion meaning it can be a comfortable cruiser one minute and a high-revving sports car the next minute. The RS4 has always held in extremely high regard at Romans and one of our best selling models, our chairman Paul Jaconelli was one of the very first owners of the new model.