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With Volkswagen agreeing a deal to buy the remaining 50% shares in Porsche people are wondering what will change in regards to Porsche’s output of their wonderful array of luxury cars for sale. VW are paying £3.6 billion to complete their takeover as the German powerhouse aims to become the world’s biggest automotive company.

There was an initial deal in place a few years ago but this fell through due to £1 billion worth of taxes which is now avoidable due to the deal being spread out until 2014 and by VW selling one common share to Porsche these taxes are avoided.

It is an interesting story as Porsche were originally trying to takeover Volkswagen until the global financial crisis set in and Porsche were unable to come up with the funds. Porsche were then heavily sued by investors and large amounts of debt creeped in which has now pathed the way for VW to snap up the remains.

Porsche is still without a doubt one of the world’s leading brands and VW will work with them to come up with a joint strategy in order to boost earnings and reduce production costs.

VW now own Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini as well as some lower-end brands and will attempt to challenge japanese car-makers Toyota and american-based GM Motors to become the world’s biggest car makers. Much will depend on how it can make inroads on the huge American market but as far as Europe is concerned VW definitely stands on it’s own as the most influential and powerful automotive company.

What can we expect to see from Porsche in the next few years? We look forward to the 991 series rolling out some new models with the new GT3 expected next. Porsche will soon unveil the Porsche Macan which is seen as the baby Cayenne. Just don’t expect VW to start interfering and requesting them to make Porsche style Golf GTIs. Porsche will be left to their own devices but they will have reduced costs so they will only ever improve.

If your interested in a buying one of these luxury cars, perhaps a used Porsche for sale, then Romans should be one of the first places you look as we always stock some of the finest examples around.

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