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A recent survey has just revealed that the luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is the world’s most talked about brand. Remarkably the car manufacturer topped the list; above a well know global drinks producer that makes the real-thing, a popular fast food retailer and the sportswear brand, who just do it.

The survey highlighted that 60 percent of its customers actively recommended their Mercedes-Benz cars to friends and other people.

The NOP (the World’s customer management arm) study investigated 49 global brands that consumers most engage with, putting the renowned German car maker at the top of the list.

It just goes to show that Mercedes-Benz is a premium quality luxury car that people talk about and aspire to owning. Plus Mercedes-Benz has built up a reputation in its 125 year history for quality and the pursuit of excellence. The company now strives to produce some of the most innovative, ecologically friendly and efficient vehicles available. These are just a few reasons to get people talking.

So why not come and talk to us at Romans International about Mercedes-Benz or if you are looking to buy luxury cars, as we are one of the UK’s premium luxury car specialists, who offer unparalleled service.

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