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Ferrari’s new customization program offers no limits on imagination to potential buyer’s who want something different or want to make their Ferrari unique to them. It all sounds like Ferrari are offering a wish-list option with the luxury sports cars, but in essence that’s about the size of it.

The Ferrari personalisation program known as “one-to-one”, offers three pre-designed collections to allow quick and easy customising across the range. The first is “Classica”, which gives an historic look using all-leather interior materials. The next option is “Scuderia” which impements a combination of Kevlar and carbon fibre to offer a race-ready look. Finally there is “Inedita”, a collection that utilizes various unusual fabrics (including denim), aiming to achieve a more modern, and fashionable aura.

After this the there is the ‘pick and mix’ or “have your Ferrari, your way!” Just dream up your imagined Ferrari configuration, whether it be cashmere on the seats, gold paintwork or maybe ceramic detailing for the interior; almost anything is possible at the right price. It is also expected that Ferrari will be offering performance enhancements along with this program.

In the mean time if you can’t wait for a personalised Ferrari, then maybe you might consider a used Ferrari from Romans International in Surrey. We are the Ferrari specialists who can offer you unparalleled service and advice when purchasing your next luxury car.

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