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With the Pagani Huayra on it’s way most people would have thought that would be the end of the Zonda. But no this legendary supercar lives on in the name of the Zonda 760RS and we can tell you it is the most powerful Pagani Zonda ever built.

It still uses the ridiculously powerful 7.3L AMG built V12 engine but it has now been tweaked so that it unleashes 720bhp of performance! It produces more torque than the Zonda Cinque and more importantly more than the Zonda R, the car which it bases itself on. The Zonda R is of course not road legal and it seems Horacio Pagani has grown tired of people requesting to make a road-legal version so he’s actually gone and done it and for good measure added an extra 20bhp.

If you want one of these it’s going to cost in the region of 1.6m Euros, double the price of the Huayra. With it’s huge rear spoiler, carbon fibre bodyshell the 760RS badges are seen throughout and adds to the current collection of Zondas that have been made including the Zonda Cinque, C12, F, S, R, Roadster and Tricolore to name a few. Pagani are said to have sold 2 already and it is rumoured another one has been placed on order by none other than F1 driver Lewis Hamilton who has specifically requested a manual gearbox.

There is no doubt the Pagani Zonda is one of the most incredible supercars ever made and Romans International are proud to have a Pagani Zonda for sale in our showroom now that can be bought and driven away today. The Zonda F is named after the F1 legend Juan Manuel Fangio and is seen as perhaps the best Zonda of the lot.

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