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The luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche has always aimed to move with the times and push the sports car design envelope, which is why you can find such a wide and diverse range of models across their current range. This is one of the reasons why many car buyers opt for a Used Porsche, as they more often than not offer an excellent investment and hold their market value well.

Last month Porsche unveiled their new 911 to the crowds at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This announcement has meant it’s widely expected that Porsche will announce their new 911 cabriolet convertible in the spring of 2012, to an eagerly awaiting audience at the Geneva Motor Show.

The new 911 cabriolet will feature the new fuel efficient 3.4 flat-six engine producing 345bhp. The Carrera S will get the new 394bhp engine, with 0-60 performance in the region of 4 seconds, which is no slouch.

For the power hungry, a turbo version of the 911 is scheduled for 2014 and is expected to have an engine power output in excess of 500bhp. So there is plenty to look forward to from Porsche.

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