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The spiritual successor to the iconic Mclaren F1 is finally here. It’s called the P1 and Mclaren is aiming to make the best supercar ever made. The Mclaren F1 redefined what was capable from a supercar 20 years ago and with most of Mclaren’s efforts since then concentrated on their Formula 1 team Mclaren re-announced itself last year with the MP4-12C which has made a big impact around the world and restablished Mclaren as a serious player again in the supercar stakes.

The P1 though is the one we have all been waiting for and is a completely different level to the MP4-12C in terms of both performance and price. The Mclaren F1 became the fastest car of all time when it was released in the 1990s but with the Bugatti Veyron Supersport now holding that title Mclaren have not targeted that record and have instead set their sites on fast lap times and pure driving experience both on the track and on the road. Though it won’t exactly be slow with rumours that the top speed will be 239mph!

The styling is taken from the MP4-12C but made to look more dramatic and their are hints of the predecessor F1 and also using lots of technology from the Mclaren F1 race cars. They are not expected to be seen on roads till 2014 and with a price tag of £800,000 they are going to be extremely rare. It’s an exciting time at the very top of the supercar world with the Porsche 918 Spyder and the new Ferrari Enzo also close. Romans will keep you up-to-date with all the latest goings on.

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