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First seen at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010 the Ferrari ‘HY-Kers’ Hybrid 599 Fiorano concept car became quite a subject of interest from motoring journalists, potential customers and the competition at the time.

Ferrari realise that for the future of production of luxury sports cars there has to be a viable environmental alternative which not only ticks all the right green box’s, but also actually conform to the latest emissions directive’s in the EU and around the world.

The Ferrari HY-Kers Hybrid 599, is equipped with Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems ( or KERS), which is a smart automotive system where kinetic energy from the moving vehicle is recovered under braking and stored in a reservoir (in this case a lithium-ion battery pack, mounted low in the 599’s chassis) which can be used at a later period for acceleration. This is the same technology which can be seen currently used in Formula 1 racing cars.

You will have to wait till the rumoured 2015 production date to be able to buy the Ferrari HY-Kers Hybrid 599 model. Although in the mean time you could consider a used Ferrari from Romans International, as we are Ferrari specialists who can offer you unparalleled service and advice.

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