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A German luxury car manufacturer will shortly be releasing their all-new and completely redeveloped Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster.

The SL range were first introduced in 1954, the original Mercedes-Benz SL was aimed as a sportier model, hence the name Sport Leicht (or Sport Light), abbreviated to SL.

These models were designed as a serious light weight sports car, which were often developed from the Mercedes-Benz racing team and the research and development department.

So its no surprise this New Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster will be constructed for the first time almost entirely from aluminium, which will mean the SL350 will weigh around 140 kilos less than its predecessor. This will also give this car in excess of 20% more torsional strength throughout the body. This will make the car handle better, aid traction, improved safety strength and allow the car to be more fuel efficient.

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