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The Alfa Romeo 8C is one of the most unique and beautiful cars on the market, its 500 car production run sold out months before the first car was released from the factory and still today represents a rarity in being a supercar that holds its value fantastically well and is widely muted as a future classic car. The problem for most is that it was not affordable and could never appeal to the mass market so Alfa Romeo have adapted the successful formula of the 8C to create a much more affordable but still highly desirable sports car which has really captured the imagination of motor enthusiasts around the world.

The 4C existed previously as only a concept car but such was the positive reaction it has now come to production with the car getting it’s official debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March. In the meantime Alfa have released the first pictures of the car and some details. Just like the 8C the car is built in the Maserati factory in Modena, Italy and is based around a carbon fibre chassis making the car superbly light and nimble.

An aluminium 4-cylinder 1.8L turbocharged engine has been revised from the Alfa Giuletta which varying reports suggest power somewhere between 250bhp and 300bhp with a top speed likely to be 155mph and a 0-62 of around 4.5s. Like the 8C the car is a 2-seater and rear wheel drive but comes with the ‘TCT’ dual-clutch transmission operated with paddle-shifts with various modes including normal, dynamic, all-weather and a race mode.

With prices set to start around £40,000 the obvious competitor is the Porsche Cayman but there is something special about the Alfa Romeo 4C which has racing history running through its veins and an obvious throwback to the Alfa 33 Stradale which had a similar layout in its glory day. More details will be relased at the Geneva Motor Show but if your interested in buying the car which should be released later this year then contact us at Romans International as we will have privileged access to the first cars released.

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