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My name is Ian and I am a Divisional Manager which means I manage a team of branch based Financial Advisers. I am employed by the Financial Services arm of a North East based Building Society and have worked in Financial Services all my life starting off as a Financial Adviser.

The first car I bought from Romans International was a Nissan GTR in 2011. What impressed me the most was that the sales staff I was dealing with, Lisa Standing; came across as genuinely real and easy to talk to. She was down to earth, prompt with valuations and gave me confidence. Lisa was technically astute with the cars. So I part exchanged my 911 for the GTR. I really enjoyed the Nissan GTR and its 4-wheel drive system meant it was the perfect all-weather sports car for me. The gearbox was a revelation since it was a dual clutch which meant that when you are having a spirited drive, it was extremely responsive and fast but at the same time when I just wanted to cruise to the shops; it would change up and down seamlessly with ease and you wouldn’t know about it. It was a truly tremendous car.

Having had my Nissan GTR for a year, I wanted to downsize. So I called Lisa and decided to buy a BMW 1M in 2012. The experience again was faultless and with the transactions all going so smoothly. With its small chassis, the 1M was a wonderfully engaging sports car to drive. Every journey was an event but however, 6 months later I changed my job and sold the BMW 1M. I then decided to buy a Porsche 911 (997) Turbo S Gen 2 again from Romans International. The BMW 1M was a great car, very useable and fun to drive but it wasn’t in the same league with regards to performance and acceleration to my previous cars, so I wanted to get back to a car with over 500 bhp. Hence I bought the White Turbo S.

It is also important to mention that I live in Sunderland so as you can imagine, there needs to be a lot of trust as I am coming from a long way. The quality of cars Romans sell and buy are brilliant so I leave a lot of my trust in the brand.

A few weeks ago in June 2017, I got in touch with Lisa and bought their wonderful Graphite Blue Metallic Porsche 911 (991) Turbo Gen II. For me this was the natural predecessor to my White Gen II 997 Turbo S so it was fantastic to move on to the latest generation. I part exchanged my Mercedes-AMG C63 S and Ford Focus RS and got a great deal on both.

I trusted Lisa and Romans very much and put the money in before even seeing the car. Since I part exchanged both cars for the 911 Turbo and I live all the way in Sunderland, what was good was that Romans International’s business manager conveniently lives very close to me, so he offered to come and pick the first car from my house and therefore I could drive the other one down to the showroom without having to worry. The business manager gave me great reassurance and I immediately trusted him that he wouldn’t do anything silly with my car. As I said before, my trust with the guys at Romans is endless. I know their standards of prepping and valeting cars is second to none and better than most dealerships I have encountered in the past. Romans International offer a quality service and I truly believe that if you could buy a car from them in the future, you should 110% go ahead and do it because they will really look after you.

My first couple of days with the car and driving experience was fantastic. It was like literally driving a brand-new car since it had only done 1,280 miles. It was more comfortable than my previous 911 Turbo S, I can use it every day, it is very docile but it can be as mental as you dare it to be. I even managed to get 30 miles per gallon on the way back to Sunderland which I thought was very impressive bearing in mind that this car has 530 bhp and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds.

Overall, I really enjoy dealing with Romans International. The best way I can put it is that it’s like dealing with your friend. That’s the experience you get with Romans International and I hope they never change. It’s a small family business and they certainly make you feel like a part of their family.

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