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Range Rover has long been the behemoth of the luxury car four-wheel drive sector of the automobile industry, and 2014 will see Land Rover enter new territory with the introduction of their first ever hybrid models; the Range Rover Hybrid and the Range Rover Sport Hybrid.

Both cars will be using the same diesel/electric powertrain and, according to Land Rover, the latest generation of Range Rovers and Range Rover Sports were designed with a hybrid system in mind, allowing the system to ease smoothly into the packaging of the current car. Even though the 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine and eight-speed automatic gearbox that already feature in some of Land Rover’s vehicles will be used in the Range Rover Hybrid and sport version, along with a 47bhp electric motor, the cabin space and off-road capability of the petrol versions can be enjoyed by hybrid drivers too.

Information of the hybrid vehicles has been scarce, but the full details are expected to emerge at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, including the results of a 9,942-mile road trip following the ancient Silk Road route to India.

Not only are Range Rover delving into the realms of the eco-friendly, they are also giving the popular Evoque a facelift.

The Range Rover Evoque was an instant hit when it was first unveiled in 2011, and now the stylish urban beauty is undergoing a makeover that will see the addition of a nine-speed automatic gearbox, sleek aesthetic features and increased driver convenience. The new gearbox will improve the fuel economy of the car even further, whilst the cosmetic additions include new interior colour choices and some different alloy wheel styles.

Driver assistance is something else those who are considering purchasing an Evoque will be interested in; Park Exit will allow the car to automatically exit parallel parking bays, Perpendicular Park ensures that the car is parked centrally in parking bays, and Lane Departure Warnings, Traffic Sign Recognition and Closing Vehicle Sensing are also set for the 2014 Evoque.

The updated Evoque will be joining the Range Rover Hybrid and Hybrid Sport for its public debut at the Frankfurt Roadshow – an event that is sure to excite avid Range Rover fans more than ever.

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