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Porsche, the German manufacturer of luxury cars, have officially confirmed their newest SUV will be named the ‘Macan’. This comes amid speculation over the vehicles’ name, as the last 12 months has seen Porsche’s new baby SUV referred to as the Cajun. The new model will slot into the range under the ever popular Porsche Cayenne.

Allegedly, the Cajun was just a working title; the Macan, Porsche says, translates from the Indonesian for tiger. So, this new Macan SUV is probably going to be aimed at preying on the competition in its class of vehicles like the BMW X5, some of the Japanese contenders in its class, and the formidable Range Rover Evoque.

There is no news yet on what power-plant and transmission options will be available for the new Macan SUV, although the chassis is likely to be based on the Audi Q5 floor-plan. A vehicle of this size, however, leaves many options open to Porsche.

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