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The German luxury sports car manufacturer Porsche has just announced it will be producing a Porsche Boxster E model. The Boxster E as it will be the first of the Porsche sports car range to be powered with the newly developed fully electrical powered technology.

Currently an example of some of this technology has only been available in the Porsche Panamera and Cayenne models, which feature a part petrol and part electrically powered technology. So the Boxster E will be a pioneer in modern luxury sports cars, as a sports car without a combustion engine.

This is not really a first as such in the history of the Porsche Company, as back in the early 1900’s when Porsche’s founder Dr. Ferdinand Porsche was responsible for the development of the Lohner Porsche, the first fully electric road going vehicle. It was truly a marvel of engineering brilliance and ahead of its time.

Back in the present day, with the huge advances in electrical power and battery technology, things have moved on. So, a new generation of electric sports car are on there way and the Porsche Boxster E will be leading the way.

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