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For lovers of the finer things in life the new Mercedes S-Class is right up there with the best of the luxury cars on the market. Having now revealed details of the brand new S63 AMG performance and power come into play a signicant part and increase the desirablity factor.

Mercedes-Benz have launched their reinvented S-class, and it is clear from the start that no expense has been spared to make driving easy, enjoyable and full of the very latest technology. The appearance and comfort of the car is exactly what you would expect from an S-class albeit with some cosmetic changes giving it an even bolder more prestigious look. The seats are like thrones and the cabin is luxuriously furnished and thoroughly insulated, creating an atmosphere inside the vehicle that you might get standing at the helm of your own private yacht.

Official pictures and videos show that the luxury and sleek design of the S-class are extraordinary, but as an S-class this comes as standard. It’s the technological additions to this stunning luxury car that make this the ultimate Mercedes to own at the moment. The innovations in the new Mercedes S-class are designed to make the driving experience so comfortable that it comes close to being chauffer driven, and some of these developments are undoubtedly the most advanced ever to be seen in a luxury car.

The latest, named ‘Magic Body Control’, involves the use of adaptive dampers, hydraulic jacks and an on-board computer to create a ride that is soft and smooth. On top of this, irritating pot-holes and bumps in the road are a problem no longer with the car’s stereo cameras fixed to the windscreen. Rather than enduring a bumpy ride, the S-class will cleverly shift the wheel to lift over bumps or dip into holes, giving the pampered driver the ultimate comfortable ride.

This is just one of the many technological advances that can be found on the S-class, and its mind-boggling futuristic and computerised driving experience has led some to wonder how close we are to having cars drive themselves. With the new S63 AMG though you really want to be able to drive it. With a twin-turbo V8 with 585bhp and weighing almost 2 tonnes you can imagine efficiency is not high on the agenda though there is a decent improvement on the old S63. The model range will feature a short-wheelbase, a long-wheelbase and a 4-wheel drive version. The 7-speed MCT dual-clutch transmission is standard across each model while as expected the AMG model features more aggressive bodystyling, bigger exhaust, new alloys, nappa leather seats and a new steering wheel amongst the upgrades while carbon ceramic brakes are now available as an option.

The S-Class is a car that we regularly sell at Romans International and in particular as an independent Mercedes AMG specialist dealer whether you want a new or used Mercedes S63 AMG please contact us as we are always able to offer our specialist advice and source cars for you not to mention we are always in the market to buy the best AMG stock around.

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