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Most people thought the Mercedes SLS AMG had already reached it’s performance capacity but they were wrong as Mercedes has just revealed the brand new SLS AMG GT. With increased power, subtle styling enhancements, a few tweaks under the bonnet and a ‘GT’ badge on the back Mercedes dealers are hoping to rope in some new buyers for it’s flagship SLS model.

Due to be released at the end of 2012 the car will feature the same 6.3L V8 engine of the original but power has increased to 591bhp which is an increase of just under 40bhp and 0-62mph is said to be dropping by a tenth of a second. It has also been fitted with a recalibrated 7-speed gearbox meant to increase torque and speed up gear shifts. A revamped sports suspension with a special new mode ‘Sports Plus’ will feed the more daring drivers and make this car much more dynamic on the track.

The SLS AMG with it’s gullwing doors definitely captured the attention of supercar enthusiasts across the world when it was released a couple of years ago but prices significantly dropped off which has scared off potential new SLS buyers. Most business has been done on used cars and with the SLS Roadster being released this year to a slightly muted response this is definitely a worthwhile attempt by Mercedes to maximise some much-needed exposure for the SLS.

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