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Mclaren have recently released details of the upcoming MP4-12C spider which is set to cause a stir for luxury car dealers with it’s eyes firmly set on competing with the Ferrari 458 Spider which is currently seen as the world’s hottest convertible supercar for sale.

With the coupe Mclaren MP4-12C already being a big success one of the big questions is will anyone still want the coupe once the Spider is out which in most people’s eyes definitely has the superior looks and with the retractable hard-top roof will definitely prove to be an incredibly special car. Top speed will be 196mph with the roof down while 0-62mph will match the coupe at 3.1s.

Mclaren has gone to great lengths to ensure the Spider loses none of it’s usability sharing the same lightweight carbon fibre chassis as the coupe and also includes an audio system which adjusts the volume automatically as and when the roof is down and also a new climate control system which also takes into consideration the outside air. The car does way 40Kg more than the coupe and in order to avoid everyone ditching their coupes there is almost £20,000 difference in price.

Not everyone wants a convertible though and with the price coming in just under that of the 458 Spider at £195,500 before extras will take it well past £200,000 the coupe will start to look like good value. Also a little word of advice is that buying a used MP4 coupe will start to become great value as prices begin to slip, but then again just look at how stunning the Spider looks!

With first deliveries expected in November you can be sure that Romans will have some of the first available MP4-12C Spider’s for sale. Romans are one of the leading luxury car dealers in the UK please check our current stock of performance cars for sale.

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