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The Lamborghini Aventador has probably been the most exciting and most in-demand supercar to hit showrooms in 2012 and the excitement is going to build further as the Aventador Roadster has just been announced by Lamborghini for a 2013 release.

The car will feature a hard-top carbon fibre roof in a 2 part Targa style which is set to be a huge improvement on the Murcielago Roadster which featured a fabric roof and severly dampened the performance figures of the car and was not the easiest to remove and store. That is all set to change on the new convertible Aventador which has been designed for a much simpler experience with very little impact on the performance of the car. Packing 690bhp with a top speed set to be at 217mph with a 0-62 time of 3 seconds this might be one of the most exciting drop-top supercars ever created.

Featuring subtle changes to the styling of the car as well as extra aerodynamic aids and the rear pillars have been redesigned to give the car extra strength and stiffness. There will be a brand new colour named ‘Azzurro Thetis’ which was inspired by the 1968 Miura Roadster. Another addition sees a rear window added which can be raised and lowered which will increase engine noise in the cabin. The convertible should hold a price of about £35,000 more than the coupe and will include the new stop-start technology used on the 2013 model coupe.

The Lamborghini Aventador has proved to be a huge success already with over 1,300 sold worldwide which is big numbers for such a high value car with supply not being able to keep up with demand and it shall be interesting to see if Lamborghini can repeat the winning formula with the Aventador Roadster.

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