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2018 Goodwood Track Day

The Romans International annual Goodwood track day is something we always look forward to hosting. Being our 3rd consecutive year hosting the track day for our customers, this year was nothing short of spectacular with an incredible turnout. The weather was once again on our side, with bright sunshine all day giving us perfect track conditions. Upon arrival customers were greeted with a plentiful buffet breakfast to set them up for a full day exploring their cars full potential.



We are pleased to say that this year we were over subscribed for the track day. With more than 25 guests, we had an incredible array of rare cars from a Carbon Series McLaren 675LT Spider, which is believed to be one of only 3 UK cars, to the Porsche 918 Spyder hypercar. Other highlights included a Ford GT, Porsche 911 (991.2) GT3 in Crayon, Mercedes AMG GT-R, Ferrari 458 Speciale’s and Porsche Cayman GT4’s. Overall it was a great selection of cars which all sounded glorious flying by on the main Goodwood straight from the V8 Engine in the Speciale’s to the 9,000-rpm howl of the 991.2 GT3.

We were privileged enough to have former Formula One Driver Max Chilton in attendance. Currently racing Indy Cars in America; Max was doing passenger hot laps around the Goodwood Motor Circuit. Being an ambassador for Romans International, it was a huge honour to have Max join us and he certainly left everyone in awe of his driving talent as he showcased the level of skill and commitment required to tame these supercars.

After a morning of fun for the customers enjoying their cars, it was time for lunch upstairs in the Jackie Stewart Pavilion. With the sun shining and a lovely breeze, our guests enjoyed their lunch on the balcony and really relaxed whilst being served the best food Goodwood had to offer. It was great to see clients exchanging stories of their driving experiences so far. Meanwhile, whilst the customers were eating their lunch, we partook in our annual Romans grid photo. The line up looked more extraordinary than ever with the 918 Spyder and Carbon Series 675 LT leading the pack.

The afternoon session began at 1:30 pm and once again it was great to see our guests pushing their thoroughbred supercars and discovering their full on-track capabilities in a safe and well organised environment. Come 5.00 pm and it was a pleasure to still see customers in the paddock and on track fully maximising the day. Overall, this was a fantastic event and we would like to thank all our customers who attended. We hope you enjoyed it and see you next year.


2018 Romans Goodwood Breakfast Club Convoy

This year marked our inaugural Romans International convoy from our showroom to the Goodwood Breakfast Club Supercar Sunday in Chichester. With limited spaces available, this was done on a first come first serve basis and we had a total of 12 cars attend.

We met at the crack of dawn, at our showroom in Banstead, 6:15 am. Upon arrival, customers lined up at the front of the forecourt, were offered a complimentary cup of tea or coffee whilst they had a look around the showroom. Highlight cars for the convoy included a Carbon Series McLaren 675LT Spider, Ferrari FF and an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante.

After 30 minutes, we gave each customer a walkie talkie to help keep in touch on the convoy and left the showroom at precisely 6:56 am. With the beautiful early morning cool crisp air and the sun slowly rising in the background, everyone was in a sprightly mood. We could tell that all our customers were excited for this drive down to Goodwood, especially once we had given them the route map which featured some fantastic driving roads including country lanes and backroads.

From the showroom, our route went through Dorking, the Owl at Kingsfold, Clemsworth and would meet at the first check point at Petworth Market Square. With the Romans Lamborghini Aventador leading the way, everything ran smoothly and the walkie talkies proved to be a big help in keeping everyone together. Once we got to Petworth Market Square, we waited for everyone to arrive and group up. In the meantime, we took this opportunity to have a quick lavatory break and a catch up on the drive so far. Everyone was smiling from ear to ear and before long, we jumped back in the cars for the second leg to Goodwood. The roads near Goodwood where beautiful and scenic and soon we arrived on the Goodwood grounds.

We took 3 Romans cars and these cars were granted access to be displayed on the Goodwood grid. Our contribution included the show-stopping Lamborghini Aventador in ‘Matt Giallo Horus’, the retro looking Alfa Romeo 8C Spider in ‘Alfa Rosso’ and the Ferrari F12 in ‘Extracampionario Dark Green’. With 25,000 people rumoured to be at the Breakfast club, it was fantastic to see so many enthusiasts embracing all the different cars on display. Our Green F12 got a lot of attention especially after we opened the green carbon fibre lined engine bay with signatures from none other than two-time Formula One champion Fernando Alonso, ex Ferrari F1 driver Felipe Massa and ex Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo. The Alfa Romeo 8C also got it’s fair share of admirers being a rare 1 of 500 worldwide car and the only example on display at the event.

There where some stunning cars on display at the show from the ultra-rare McLaren F1 to a Ferrari F50, Ferrari 599 GTO and the latest Porsche 911 (991.2) GT3 RS in Lizard Green. The Goodwood breakfast club had it all. Precisely 20 minutes after our arrival, we walked towards the Jackie Stewart Pavilion where we went and got breakfast for all our guests. The weather was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for more on what was a truly spectacular morning. All our customers had a great time and we are certain this will be the first of many convoys to come in the near future.




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