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The Italian supercar specialists Ferrari have unveiled a revolutionary version of their beautiful 559XX, this time with the added ferocity of its evolution package. It comes complete with improved chassis dynamics, developed from tweaking with the vehicles electronic control systems. It has resulted in the model proving far more powerful than its predecessor while also weighing less, the perfect recipe for speed.

It’s said that one of the principle features behind the package is the redeveloped active rear wing, designed with a new aerodynamic ‘opening gap’. The wing has been fitted with two flaps, each electronically controlled to adjust the down force between the wheels. It is a similar style of down force manipulation currently used in formula one, increasing the straight line speed and driveability of the 599XX. The vehicle managed to complete Ferrari’s famed Fiorano test track in just 1.15 seconds.

While the 599XX is strictly limited to track use, it’s easy to find the same heritage and class that oozes from any Ferrari model on the market today. If you want to buy luxury cars, why not look through the array available from Romans International. We are the Ferrari specialists and can offer you supreme service and advice when purchasing your next luxury car.

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