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Bentley Motor Company, the British luxury car manufacturer has just announced a unique collaboration with the British design company ‘Linley’. The joint venture will see the creation of 10 limited edition Continental Flying Spurs models.

Linley is a bespoke design business, who specialise in the design and production of upholstery, furniture and accessories of a superlative quality.

So you can see this is no normal Bentley, it could even be said to have Royal approval. The limited edition Bentley Flying Spur is being produced with the Chinese luxury car market in mind, as China represents Bentley’s largest four-door market in the world.

The limited edition Bentley Flying Spur by Linley will represent added prestige and all of the hand crafted qualities you would expect from a Bentley, featuring its signature elements of design. Key features will include; distinctive marquetry inlaid Helix motifs which will run throughout the interior, a Linley-designed ‘humidor’ containing a humidification system for cigars, a cigar cutter and ashtray and the usual picnic tables, which are a standard option on the Flying Spur.

So, whether you plan to buy a new Bentley or a used Bentley, you will be sure to know you will be buying a special car with a unique lineage and heritage. Contact Romans International the Bentley and luxury car specialist, where you will receive unparalleled service and advice.

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