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According to a well known global tyre manufacturer, UK motorists should consider winter tyres much earlier than they normally would this year. Last year, snow covered much of the British Isles throughout winter, and it’s worth being prepared for a repeat of that.

On the European continent, many drivers prepare for winter driving conditions during October, and even that’s considered cutting it close. As soon as the snow comes, regular road tyres will lose their grip and driving can become dangerous to you, any passengers with you and any road users or pedestrians unfortunate enough to be near you when the skidding begins.

It’s not just snow that’s the issue either: at lower temperatures, standard road tyres lose their grip and elasticity, reducing their effectiveness for both stopping distances and traction.

Because of all this, some manufacturers, including Porsche and Mercedes, are now offering winter tyre package options to their customers. So, if you are looking to buy luxury cars this winter, make sure you consider a winter tyre option for your luxury car.

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