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There is no denying that social media has allowed car enthusiasts to enjoy and share their experiences with their car in a more open and public way than ever before. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram there is a platform now to share photos, videos and thoughts on cars with friends and like-minded people and this is something we should all embrace and encourage. With this in mind we thought it would be a nice idea to set up an ongoing blog series ‘Client Corner’ where our clients can publish their automotive thoughts – how they came about choosing the car, buying the car and most importantly the experience of owning the car.

First up is none other than the very charismatic Steve Edge who bought one of our uber cool Twisted Land Rover Defenders earlier this year. By his own admission Steve is a branding guru, a designer, jockey and honorary eagle dancer of a North American Indian tribe. Make of that what you will but one thing is for sure Steve is someone who gets the most out of his cars!

“From being hit by icebergs in Russia, attacked by dogs in India and summiting precarious mountains in Timbuctoo, I’ve seen it all. But when I drove past the Romans Showroom, I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was like a French Patisserie displaying all the delights you could desire. Then I saw it – the white chocolate soufflé, the Twisted Defender – a luxury, a classic, a brand like no other.

I’ve always admired the Defender but it was the Twisted I dreamed of and Roman’s made it so easy for my dream to become a reality. I use the Twisted Defender exactly for what it was made for; I just got back from an expedition in the Alps and I’m getting ready to set off to Mongolia in the car. There’s nothing like revving through rocky terrain in an incredibly luxurious and comfortable vehicle. I can’t keep my hands off the wheel! “

Instagram @steveedge

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