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As one of the biggest blockbuster films in history was released over the weekend The Dark Knight Rises there is always interest to see what Batman’s latest batmobile looks like and also to see what his alter-ego Bruce Wayne will be driving and there is no better choice than the new Lamborghini Aventador.

While the batmobile cannot truly classify as a luxury car this time around as it is more like a spaceship, it is left to Bruce Wayne to show off a carbon fibre bodied Lamborghini Aventador which looks absolutely stunning in the film in which we get to see it in a few scenes including Anne Hathaway’s character Catwoman steel the car and drive it away!

The car is a one-off special edition which though acts as a great publicity stunt for Lamborghini dealers the car is rumoured to be even more powerful than the standard Aventador and without a doubt will be lighter due to the carbon fibre body inevitably increasing top speed.

If your interested in the Lamborghini Aventador or perhaps another used Lamborghini for sale then contact Romans as we will be able to source a car for you.

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