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The prestigious luxury car manufacturer Bentley has announced its plans to return to the racing world in the summer of 2012, with an all-new LMP1 (or Le Mans Prototype) car. The company feels there is an important need that the racing activity supports full brand identity.

Bentley Motor Company is no stranger to the world of motor racing, as in the early years of the company, Bentley made its name on many of the race circuits of the world. The most famous of the wins came at the gruelling 24 hours of Le Mans in France in 1924, which was then repeated again consecutively in 1927, 1928, 1929 and1930, all to the frustration of Bentleys nearest rival Ettore Bugatti.

Jump forward to the present day and Bentley aims to race in its dominant sales market areas like the USA and Asia, where it is looking build on its strong reputation.

So if you plan to buy a quality used Bentley you can be assured that the Bentley marque has a proven race pedigree. For more information contact Romans International the Bentley luxury car specialist, who can give you the best service and advice.

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