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The luxury car manufacturer Bentley has been enjoying a real renaissance in recent years despite other car manufacturers struggling, Bentley seems to be bucking the trend. There is no doubt that Bentley enjoys much of its sales success away from the British Isles, especially in emerging countries like India and China.

Although even the modern day sport celebrities can’t get enough of Bentley, as the UK Premier division footballers have a penchant for the elegance and the certain panache of style you get while driving and being seen in a Bentley.

Currently if you open a glossy celebrity magazine or possibly fashion magazine you will more than likely see a celebrity footballer or a Wag stepping from a Bentley, as although the times and people may change, style doesn’t. Bentley has always had a certain “je ne sais quoi” – as the French say! It seems a Bentley is still “the” car to be seen in.

So, if you would like to capture some of this style and buy a used Bentley, contact your luxury car specialist today, as Romans International can supply a Bentley to suit you and your lifestyle.

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